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  Corrugated has been recycled for decades. Nowadays, through its ongoing commitment and attention to all aspects, it is essential to use eco friendly products that can be easily recycled and reused. We continue striving to produce the cleanest, greenest packaging material on earth, preserving the earth's natural resources for future generations. We always manage our business according to sustainable values. Because of our relationship to natural resources, we have long understood the connections between our economic performance, environmental stewardship and the positive impact of our products in people’s everyday lives. We see sustainability as an interconnected, reinforcing dynamic for managing a successful enterprise, wise environmental stewardship, stable financial performance and commitment to sustainability make our industry financially sound and aligned with the broader values of society and the needs of sustainable operations, leading us to develop creative packaging to meet those needs.

   Recycling corrugated helps decrease solid waste disposal in landfills. It also provides fiber that is reused to make new corrugated, so we can use less new, raw material. Recycling corrugated even earns revenue for the end-user, because that recovered material is valuable to paper mills and manufacturers of new corrugated.
  It is our responsibility and policy to minimize the packaging we design. Where possible we will propose recycled materials, however if any kraft materials are used you can be assured we buy from supplies of managed softwood forests that are certified as sustainable.