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In House Product Development:


Our designs are the corner stone of our production, that is why we have established a Pre-Production Department to create new concepts and designs to suit your packaging requirements. The art department is located in-house. The team of structural and graphic designers design through conceptual renderings to the final presentation with particular care of customers' detailed requirements. The goal is to create superior packaging graphics. Our team are not only in tune with the corrugated and printing side of the industry but also possess strong design skills that can be used when creating a new concept or design for your product. By bringing together the best structural and graphic design talents in a state-of-the-art design centre, the result will be outstanding. Our design teams' technical expertise of our production capabilities coupled with their creative talents give you the very best of both works.

  • About

    Product Development provide educational & consultation service about flexo pre-press technic. We help our customer, who didn't have experience in developing boxes with information and direction.

  • Vision

    To create good quality rubber design (photopolymer), that can endure long impression. To become the best rubber plate making in domestik market.

  • Mission

    To equip ourself with pre-press knowledge, in oreder to help our customer with good information, and good quality rubber plate for our customer.


Description of the process:

1. A Nyloflex – Exposure Machine
In an upstream working process, the printing plates are exposed whereby the printing relief parts polymerise.

2. Flexo Wash – Out System VF 3 (1020)
The printing plates pass through the was-out zone of the machine horizontally whereby they are washed out by means of oscillating flat brushes. Nylosolv in the right temperature is used as a wash – out medium (solvent), which is continuously fed to the brushes. The conditioning system consists of a heating and refrigerating element and is located inside the machine. After the washing out process, the printing plates pass through a flushing zone, in which the fresh solvent is washed off. Before the printing plates leave the wash-out zone of the machine, the wash-out medium is removed from the upper side of the printing plate by means of a round brush, which has been saturated in fresh solvent, and subsequently the medium is drwan off by the means of a doctor blade.

3. A Nyloflex – Drier
After the printing plates have left the wash-out zone, they pass through the pre-drying zone whereby the upper side is ventilated. The printing plates leave the machine in a hand-dry condition.

The advantage of having this three machines are:

1. Effective in providing the sub material for production process to increase the spect of our timeline. So, we can give a faster delivery to our customer.
2. Efficiency in order to give a competitive price to our customer.
3. Enable us to do more research, so we can give a better solution for our company.

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Our work code ethics :
  1. Hardworking
We believe that with hardwork and making full use of our resources, we can produce high quality corrugated box. Therefore, we need human resources that have high stamina, healthy physically and mentally.
  1. Work Smartly
We will strive to acquire knowledge in order to enhance skill and competency.
  1. Sincerity
We will receptive to views, suggestions, criticisms and ideas from other colleagues or the public with open mind and sincerity to achieve excellence in performing duties and responsibilities.