Product Specifications

Quality Control

It is our integrity to produce high-quality products, thus to guarantee our customers 100% confidence, we perform a series of tests on our products and raw materials. This is done to ensure its strength, effectiveness and durability, so that our end product, the corrugated boxes, can hold and protect the products of our clients. We perform several quality checks before, during and after the cartons get off the rollers.

Product Development

Our designs are the corner stone of our production, which is why we have established this in-house production development department that creates new concepts and designs to suit your packaging requirements. The team of structural and graphic designers design the products from conceptual renderings to the final presentation, with particular care on customers' detailed requirements. The goal is to create the customer’s ideal customized packaging with the right material, size, graphics and eventually pricing. Our team is not only in tune with the manufacturing process, but also with creative and advanced design skills that can help you to create new concepts or designs for your product.